HOLON Network
Shaping Our Future Together

Everywhere on our planet
countless people of different cultures
and traditions work on the birth of a new culture:
a culture of harmony with the wholeness of our environment.

And this includes all people and living beings on this planet - and our descendants as well. They all have a right to a life worth living.
In a time of an increasing imbalance between rich and poor, of environmental destruction and waste of ressources, this conviction has to be followed by ecological and social objectives and by actions. By political action as well -- "political" meaning any means of influencing the decisions within our society.

We all live and work from one Spirit, which is in everything and which connects us with all and everything. This doesn´t allow us to make inconsiderate use of things and beings -- since ultimately they are mystery.
Spirit calls us to work and care for each other, not against. This is our way of spirituality.

We try to bring together individuals, groups and societies within Europe that share a common spirituality and common goals regarding the necessary changes in our society.
We should know more about each other and support each other. We organize events and meetings and publish our view in a magazine to inform about each other´s work. We do not only emphasize contemplation of spirit, but also cooperation for public effectiveness.
Variety should be encouraged but not a fragmentation of forward-looking powers.

Since we need an organizational structure we have constituted a society after Swiss law. At the time being HOLON encompasses many single and group members (including several seminar centres and networks) in Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, England and Belgium. Currently we are building up regional networks.

(construction and arrangement)