Annual Gathering for "Cultural Creatives"

Emergence of a Planetary Movement ?!

The next Annual Gathering from HOLON Network will take place in Herbstein, Germany (nearby Frankfurt). It will begin on the 8. August and will end on the 15. August 2014.

"Cultural Creatives"? A new phrase fascinates the western world. What is it to do with the HOLON network or with you?
With this phrase two US authors summarize what they found to be an encompassing cultural movement in America, Europe and around the world by an empirical study done for more than a decade. They found a counter culture against modernism as well as against conservativism - a culture for our planetary future.

Millions of people - scattered, single or in small groups - show significant common orientations such as:

It is typical for this movement that many of its participants often feel powerless and isolated and lack a consciousness of their common values, their strength and power and their chances to actually create the culture of the 21st century.

We of the HOLON network do think: all this seems to refer to us! Don´t you feel the same? HOLON is a network, which needs its members to come together, to share, and to encourage each other. No magazine or email contact will do that. So we invite all our members and groups and those who want to meet HOLON to our annual network gathering 2006.

We are "Cultural Creatives" - co-creators of a sustainable culture.

According to our subject we don´t want to hold a conventional congress with famous speakers. Instead we wish to make a process possible, during which each of us will be able to share their abilities and experiences.

Our ways of expression may be:

The structure of the gathering will arise from the cocreation of these ressources and be focused on the following subjects:

Since we are an international network our communication will be multilingual: German, Italian, French and English according to necessities and possibilities.

Flyer in German (200 KB) 

For more information and registration please contact the Holon-secretary:


CH - 3000 Bern